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ME meme: Characters [1/9] - Urdnot Grunt

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Favorite Mass Effect Characters Zaeed Massani

The best goddamn character ever

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Kaidan: What the hell, Shepard? What just happened?
Kaidan: Actually don't tell me. I've got work to do and I...I can't be distracted.
Shepard: I was plugged into the virtual world of the geth consensus. Saw their history, purged a Reaper infection...
Kaidan: Crap. Now I'll be obsessing about how that works instead of doing my Spectre division expense report.
Shepard: You're welcome.
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Quarians: hey the Reaper War is a good time to start a war with the geth to retake our home planet right?


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stand strong, stand together.

stand strong, stand together.

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All those I could not save

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[2/2] loyalty mission

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favorite mass effect relationships » Female Shepard & Tali friendship

"Tali, you’re gonna like the view."
"Better than a vid?"

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